Finding the Best Home Gym Equipment | home gym

While regular gyms might provide quite a bit in terms of socialization and great equipment, there’s no reason you can’t build your own home gym for a fraction of the cost of a regular gym membership. There are a number of pieces of home workout equipment that are affordable and still give you a great workout. Here’s a list of the best home gym equipment you can find.

The Dual Exercise Ab Wheel

Grab the Dual Exercise Ab Wheel that will let you inexpensively work on building a strong core. With a few simple exercises, this ab wheel will provide a ton of great strengthening to the core muscles better than crunches and situps. It’s less than $10 and can be taken anywhere.

Cap Barbell Medicine Ball

Cap barbbell medicine balls are an excellent addition to any home gym. Using a medicine ball, you can work on your strength and coordination, and do it alone or find a workout buddy to hit the equipment with. Medicine balls will help out immensely with building a great set of core muscles and working on your stamina.

ProForm Performance Treadmill

Try the ProForm performance treadmill for an inexpensive, powerful machine that gets your heart pumping. For an intense cardio workout, you can set up to 20 different unique programs with this easy to use, well-built machine. Featuring a number of positive user reviews, this is definitely one piece of workout equipment you will want in your home gym.

Bowflex for Power Resistance Training

Try the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE machine for a powerful resistance training workout routine. The rods created in Bowflex’s unique system allow you to upgrade to 410 pounds max weight, and using the unique cable pulley system, you never have to bother with changing cables.

Harbinger Weighted Vest

The Harbinger weighted vest makes an excellent addition to any home gym. Featuring adjustable weights and add/remove features for easy exercising, this is one you can add indoors or outdoors during cardio workouts to maximize your workout toughness. While you’re at it, try the Power Block class 45 weighted system, which lets you put up to 45 pounds per hand for under $300.

CrossFit Home Equipment

If you’re looking for inexpensive Cross Fit equipment, try out the Power Systems Package, which you can set up in your home gym quickly and inexpensively. This unit includes a rowing machine, two pushup bars, a dumbbell, adjustable kettlebells, and jump ropes for intense cardio training. You’ll be able to get fit in just 30 minutes every day using the Power Systems package. Get the Power Systems Coupon now to help you run the gauntlet just like Olympic athletes do.

The rowing machine is a concept 2 power rower with flywheel design and an easy spiral damper, while the Rogue kettlebells are cast in single solid pieces that include color coded handles based on weight. You’ll even get a 20 by 1.5 inch climbing rope to head up those mountains — all the comfort of your home gym.

Building a home gym for any purpose – whether it’s cardio, strength training, or a balance through CrossFit can be done quickly and inexpensively. Find the best home gym equipment this year to truly reach your fitness goals and see huge gains over the course of the coming year.